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WBF 2015 the World Awards in Austria

See, touch and feel the home of bodypainting. World Bodypainting Festival 28 June - 5 July 2015 in Austria.
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New Year, new events

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The year is new and fresh and we have many new programs, events and workshops to offer. Two new WBA events are coming up in the next months. The Czech Bodypainting Championships in Prague, Czech Republic on the 18th of April and the Body Fine Art 2015 in Los Angeles, USA May 16th. "Body Fine Art" is a special new event which focuses on live body painting competition as well as a live photography contest.

Find all new WBA events in our special event section.

All Events including workshops, members events and much more can be found in the calendar.

BFA los angeles2015




Review Beauty Forum Munich 2014

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During the Beauty Forum Munich this weekend, the 9th Bodypainting Trophy took place and was organised by WB Production and the WBA.

19 participants from 14 nations showed their talents and pushed the Beauty Forum Munich to a new level of creativity. After an exciting competition, last years winner, Johanness Stötter from Italy triumphed again! Second place went to Sophie Fauquet from France and bronze to Sonja Wiesendanger from Austria.

After the competition we were able to let our hair down relax with everyone getting together to celebrate over dinner and a few well deserved drinks. Thanks a lot to all of the great artist and amazing models.


Results as PDF


Festival of Beauty, Nevskie Berega 2014

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The traditional Festival of Beauty, Nevskie Berega took place last weekend in St. Petersburg. The highlight of this beauty event that is organized twice a year is indeed the bodypainting contest. Artists from Russia and surrounding countries such as Ukraine, the Baltics, participated in 2 categories. The jury board this year was supported by the WBA Chairman Alex Barendregt and WB Academy instructor from Russia, Yiulia Vlasova. We felt warm welcomed there, despite the political situation. All these people put a lot of afford to welcome the international community and want to connect only in a very peaceful way.
Amongst so many talented artists it was very hard to award a winner. But in the end, Olga Sokolova stood out and won the trophy and also a package to come to the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria. The World Bodypainting Association is in future involved in this event and wants to bring more international artists to the pumping art city of St. Petersburg.

Nievskie-Berega-2014 27

Some impressions on our WB Gallery Server



WBA Image Awards 2015

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We are happy to announce the next years information for the "WBA Image Award" 2015. After the great success from last year, we want to continue this amazing photo competition focusing on the art of bodypainting. WBA member and co organizer  Filippo ioco got last year even sponsorship money for the grand winner.
Prizes will be added later in the year but for sure this contest is again FREE of CHARGES for all participants.

Details & Registration

059 Tana-Odonnell---Personal-Growth
Personal Growth by Tana Odonnell


Living Art America 2014

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From 1st to the 4th of October 2014 the Living Art America 2014 was held in Atlanta. On the contest day national and international participated in two categories in the North American Bodypainting Championship. In the "Emerging Artist Category 2014" Breanna Cooke form Dallas won the first price. On the second place Rio Sirah from Atlanta and on the third place Ren Allen from Jonesborough. The other category was the "Professional Artist Category 2014". Here was the winner Hyun Yong Jil form South Korea. Cheryl Ann Lipstreu form the USA gets on the second place. And on the third place Johannes Stoetter from Italy.


Find all results at www.livingartamerica.com


WBA Activites this fall

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after the summer and an amazing World Bodypainting Festival we are happy to give you some ideas of other events around the world that are supported by the World Bodypainting Association. We are starting in September with some WB Academy Programs such as workshops and master classes: 

20.09.2014 Vienna, Austria: 2 days Bodypainting Basics powered by Diamond FX
26.09.2014 St. Petersburg, Russia: Master Class, 3 days
07.10.2014 Seoul, South Korea: Bodypainting until 14.10.2014
25.10.2014 London, UK: Ultimate UV, 2 days,
25.10.2014 Beijing, China: Bodypainting, 5 days
03.11.2014 Riga, Latvia: Body Art Fashion powered by Diamond FX
08.11.2014 Vienna, Austria: Camouflage Bodypainting, 2 days powered by Diamond FX
09.12.2014 Bangkok, Thailand: Bodypainting for Beginners & Masterclass
All details: www.wb-academy.com 

Already in October, there are also many different competitions all around the world:

02 - 04 October 2014 Atlanta, USA: Living Art America
11 - 12 October 2014, Belgrad, Serbia: Body Art Festival Serbia
25 October 2014, Munich, Germany: Beauty Forum Munich
02 November 2014, Riga, Latvia: Baltic Beauty World, Styling Make-up and Bodypainting Competitions

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