Installation Art Project in Venice

Elena Tagliapietra co organized an artistic performance in Saint Marcus Square called Being Venice – “Essere Venezia” Which was comprised of a charming huge human heart that shined at sunset. Diamond Fx was the paint sponsor and the WBA and Chelko Foundation supported the initiative.


Writer Alberto Toso Fei and multi-media artist Elena Tagliapietra conceived a 100 meter white heart in St. Mark’s Square, Venice on September 20, 2015 for the 12th and final performance of “Venice Revealed.” This was a large collective performance featuring hundreds of volunteers that took place from 6:00-7:30 pm followed by the reading of the Pescherio di Rialto, “Venetian Justice” at 8:00 pm marking the official closing of this 2 year long project.

The project included an entire day of performances to show the world the love Venetians have for their ancient and modern city. One hundred volunteering Venetians met at 6:00 pm in St. Mark’s. Under the instruction and supervision of Artist Elena Tagliapietra, volunteers began forming the shape of a heart that started glowing as sunset set in, first with some cracks that eventually disappeared as the entire heart illuminated and magically revealed the unmatched expression of love “del cuore” that Venetians have for their unique city.


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All the volunteers were dressed in white, the color of purity, justice, hope and enlightenment recalling the long history of human right’s struggle in the Republica Serenissima. All the volunteers wore a signature heart on their faces provided by many volunteer face painters with the help of Diamond FX make up (a specialty body paint/make-up manufacturer) The high number of face paintings could actually be a World Record. Each volunteer received as a gift a white umbrella provided by Al Duca d’Aosta, which was used to create the unique visual of the pulsing heart. Various dance performances took place inside the heart featuring Sara Bonfanti and Silvia Minervino, the group Work In Progress with Federica De Pol and Michela’s Pedrocco choreography and the energic Palextra’s crew Leaded by Michela Vivolo.

The performance of this three-dimensional beating heart surrounded by the jeweled like case of the walled square had never been seen before here. The spontaneous applause heard from the inside of the heart illustrated the deep emotional experience that the participants shared.
After the creation and social media success of the “bocolo” (rosebud) this image will also follow in its footsteps.

Writer Alberto Toso Fei recounted stories from Venetian history. First with a flash reading in

St. Mark’s square and additional readings at Pescheria Rialto. He spoke about the laws that Venice has issued through the course of its history, such as Venice being the first State to abolish slavery in 960AD, the first to regulate the use of child labor at the end of the 14th century, the first State to recognize intellectual property with the creation of the first “copyright” and the first state to enact laws to protect the rights of women.

During the reading, videos of the previous performances presented by many local and international charities that helped make this project possible were showcased. The Chelko Foumdation of Atlanta, Georgia (USA) was the international association partner for this performance, represented by Development Director, Ken Goldwasser. The Foundation exists to empower women through art. Rialto Mio also a partner is responsible for promoting local culture and the participation of Venetians, particularly children and seniors, to popular events and happenings around the city. The event also obtained the patronage of the World Bodypainting Association.
There was also a reception after the closing ceremony sponsored by Osteria VecioPozzo in collaboration with Iperdrink and Flairtender, offering typical Venetian foods. As quoted by the founders: “Time has come for all Venetians, who love this city to fight to keep it alive and return it to the people”.

This final performance of Venice Revealed drew to a close over two years of partnerships with other major Venetian festivals including Redentory, The Historical Regatta, Festa Di San Martino, the Carneval of 2014, Natali di Venezia, Festa Del Bocolo, Festa Della Sensa, 71st Exhibition of Cinema, The Burano Regatta, Befane Regatta, and Carnival 2015.

Venice Revealed was produced in collaboration with Vela Spa, organizational support by 2erre Organizzazioni and the patronage of the Venice Department of Culture. Musical compositions for all Venice Revealed events were created by Mattia Corso.


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