Rachel Deboer ALS Call for support

Imagine Corona Virus wiping out your income, loosing your father to suicide and then being diagnosed with ALS all within a few months. This year has been a hard one for many people around the world but for Rachel Deboer in San Francisco the challenges have come hard and fast.

Rachel is a substitute teacher, facepainter and entertainer. Covid 19 decimated all three of those industries. Now she is in the beginning stages of finding a way to deal with her diagnosis for a condition that has a mortality rate of 20 to 48 months with 10-20% of ALS patients surviving longer than 10 years. Rachel has shown amazing strength in finding her way through the diagnostic process and searching through the therapy options.

This can be an isolating and exhausting process. We would like to fund a trip to the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria for 2021 including flights, accommodation and travel costs for Rachel. This would give Rachel a chance to connect to her international artistic family for a week of love and support.

Lets make this dream of returning to her special artistic home, come true. (The gofundme for her monthly medical costs is under another page)
Step 1. Make a donation, something you can afford to do on a regular basis or a once off larger sum.
Step 2. Make a short video, selfie or text post on social media with a message of love and support for Rachel.
Step 3. Share the gofundme link with your posting and tag Rachel so she sees your message!

Let your message be inspired by her! Paint your face, write a silly song or poem, put filters on your selfie or find your favorite quote. Let your moment of giving be a moment to lift and connect both of you. You don’t have to have met Rachel to be inspired by her and show some love.
This fund has the goal of being paid out before her trip to Austria in July 2021 unless travel restrictions make that impossible in which case other travel arrangements will be made with her.
Please don’t: Tell her how to think, feel or act about her diagnosis. This is her journey. Lets see how beautifully her networks can come together from all around the world to love one, as we would all want to be loved.


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