WBA Image Awards 2016

Submissions for the WBA Annual IMAGE Award are now open. We are happy to announce that the awarding ceremony will be a big part of the EBF Amsterdam program on August 13 - 14, 2016! The Edition 2016 is sponsored by DIAMOND FX

Please submit your entries today - Submissions will be active until July 30, 2016.  Submission 2014 by Andrea O'donnell

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Separate from many photo activities within the World Bodypainting Festival this is an Annual IMAGE Award made possible by the WB Association. The Image Awards will be presented within the new event in Amsterdam, the "European Bodypainting Festival"

The mission of the awards is to promote the power of imagination and self-expression through awarding (Bodypainters) and recognizing models and photographers worldwide in the discipline and image creation of traditional and non-traditional bodypainting in the categories of

  • artistic bodypainting

  • fashion & Accessories bodypainting

  • commercial bodypainting

The goal is to give artists a platform and opportunity to create freely, images that are expressive, imaginative, explosive and unique without restriction or limitations.

Diamond FX sponsors 3 x € 250 for each winner - NO Submission FEE !!! 

WBAIA 2016 web

The participation is totally free of charges.

Artist will be allowed to use all that is necessary (within the safety zone of bodypainting) to produce without limitation and restrictions an imaginative and stunning image.

How to submit

  • Artists are encouraged to submit only, two high res (jpg) finished works.
  • Artist may submit in one, or more than one category, but must submit two different images for each category.
  • Works being submitted must relate to the category that they are being submitted to.
    (If works do not relate to the category, they will be returned for proper re submission).
  • Works with (artist) logos embedded into the images will not be accepted.
  • Works should be accompanied by category title, name of work and name of artist. (model and photographer names if possible).
    (This information should be included in the email only and not the photo file name as judging is anonymous).
  • Artists must also submit copyright ownership(s) which will allow the World Bodypainting Association to freely display and publish in anyway it deems necessary to promote and publicize the World Bodypainting Association Annual Awards without further obligation to the artist, photographer, model(s) indefinitely. WBA will not use images for any other promotion except for the WBAAIA.


Last Gallery 2014


wbaia2014 art winner

by Michael Horaczek (Artist Petra und Peter Tronser)


  • Judges will be professionals in the fields of bodypainting, photography, advertising and fashion.
  • Judging will be solely based upon the works presented to the judges without the knowledge of the artist that created it.
  • All categories must have a least five participants in order for the category to be judged.
  • Works in all categories will be judged (within the context of the image) as follows:
  1. Use of bodypainting technique and style
  2. Use of imagination
  3. Overall composition

wbaia2014 064 Mike Shane
by Mike Shane


  • There will only be one first place winning image and (artist) from each category.
  • Each category needs a minimum of 10 participants to give out the prizes.
  • 1st prize winner in each category gets: € 250 in Cash plus a product prize both sponsored by Diamond FX
  • Winner will each receive a certificate. Product & Cash Prizes may apply, Information will be given later.
  • Winners will be announced live during the European Bodypainting Festival in Lisse/Amsterdam, Netherlands on Sunday August 14, 2016.
  • Winning artist's that are not present will be notified by email.


The awards submissions will be accepted from January 1st 2016 - July 30th, 2016.


How to Submit

Please submit up to 2 images per category via wetransfer.com to filippo(a)wb-production.com 
Please include the image title and photographer details



wbaia2014 026 Yvonne Zonnenberg Fighting Crocs

by Yvonne Zonnenberg

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