Rachel Deboer ALS Call for support

Imagine Corona Virus wiping out your income, loosing your father to suicide and then being diagnosed with ALS all within a few months. This year has been a hard one for many people around the world but for Rachel Deboer in San Francisco the challenges have come hard and fast.

Rachel is a substitute teacher, facepainter and entertainer. Covid 19 decimated all three of those industries. Now she is in the beginning stages of finding a way to deal with her diagnosis for a condition that has a mortality rate of 20 to 48 months with 10-20% of ALS patients surviving longer than 10 years. Rachel has shown amazing strength in finding her way through the diagnostic process and searching through the therapy options.

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PICTURE OF PEACE, a Social Body Art Project by Dennis Fixman

The World Bodypainting Association got noted about this beautiful project, so we are very happy to share it on our channel.

It's a very thoughtful project that Dennis Fixman and his team from Belarus created for the International Children’s Day. We love the way the message is communicated through the art of bodypainting. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication.

About the Project:

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Winners of the WBA Image Awards 2016

The mission of the awards sponsored by Diamond FX is to promote the power of imagination and self-expression through awarding (Bodypainters) and recognizing models and photographers worldwide in the discipline and image creation of traditional and non-traditional bodypainting

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